All Change!

Haven’t posted again for a long time, had a lot going on, been unwell, and to be honest, totally forgot. So here we go…

Well first things first, big news in the Eskimo household, I’m pregnant! Currently 24wks, so due for a summer baby, and so far it’s been quite a ride!

I’d firstly like to say, they really don’t tell you what I’d class as the “important” bits in the books you read/films you see… You know, you get told the obvious, your going to have a large bump, your going to be sick, and your going to be tired… That’s about it… Well let me tell you, it’s really not that simple. Maybe for some women it is, and if your one of them (like my mother was) then I seriously envy you, but for the rest of us, it’s a real rollercoaster journey even getting to this stage.

I think I spent more of my first trimester either in bed or at the hospital than I did at work, in fact, I know I did. It seemed to be one thing after another sending me back, and by my 12wk dating scan I had already had 3 scans at the EPU! Now at 24wks I am getting ready for my 6th scan tomorrow, which is to measure growth due to baby being a bit small at last scan. So fingers crossed all is well tomorrow!

The last few weeks have been a bit stressful, I picked up a particularly bad ear infection which after 10days of not being treated by Dr’s, ended up giving me a throat infection to boot… Thankfully they then gave in and gave me antibiotics, which I’m hoping now have cleared both infections! Also been having rather bad back and hip pain, particularly when I lay down, sit down ir walk… So basically all the blooming time! And my nausea has come back! Add all this to the fact that baby has been getting more and more active, it’s been quite an experience! And only just starting the final trimester! All fun and games!

So for now, I’m signing off, but hoping to be able to add some product reviews to my blog now, namely baby related, so hopefully they’ll be of some use to people!

Night world! X