My Worst Buys for Baby

And onto my least favourite purchases for baby!

worst buys

  1. Newborn Outfits – Those outfits may look adorable, but when it comes down to it, all you need is some all-in-one sleepsuits for baby to live in day in day out… Far too many fiddly bits, buttons and what not = alot of hassle during all those nappy changes in the early days!
  2. Newborn Socks – I bought loads of socks for some unknown reason… I mean LOADS, I think I bought about 20 pairs as everyone told me they go missing etc. only thing being, my baby lived mostly in sleepsuits for the first 3m, so approximately 90% of those pairs were never worn!
  3. Teddy’s – I bought and was given combined, about 10 teddy’s… Where are they now? Sitting in a heap under the crib… I had them in the crib “on show” for the first month-ish, but as soon as he started growing, they had to come out for safety reasons, and so atm their just collecting dust…
  4. Cot Mobiles – I bought one, was given another, and also bought a monitor with musical lullabies and a built-in lightshow… Haven’t used any of them! Well, that’s a lie, I used them, but they neither soothed nor entertained my little one at any point! Maybe when he’s a little older he’ll appreciate the lightshow, but right now, not so much!
  5. Wash Mitt & Towel Set – I bought 2 and was given another one of these sets so that I would never be without a baby towel and mitt for the bath… Admittedly, I do like the towels, I know some people don’t and think their a waste of money, but I like them – Their a great size, and the hood prevents little man from completely pulling it off… The mitt on the other hand… useless! Pain in the backside to put on one-handed, slide around everywhere when on, and don’t lather up or hold water very well…
  6. Baby Shoes – Seriously, they will grow out of them within a few weeks, and their purely cosmetic… Enough said.
  7. Baby Products – I bought two of those Johnson’s baby boxes with all the products, plus got given a load more in gift bags… Have hardly used anything! It’s only in the past maybe 6wks that we switched from using just water in the bath to using one of those top-to-toe products, which you only need the tiniest amount of, so it lasts forever! Everything else is still unused in the nursery…
  8. Mittens – My little man refused to wear mittens… Whenever you put them on, they’d be off again within about 15mins… I must have bought about 20 pairs of the damn things…
  9. Baby Books – Luckily I only purchased a Hypnobirthing book as part of a course I went on (which I didn’t read), I did however get given a couple of baby books, and never read any of them! Didn’t have the time nor patience for it, and to be honest, found out more from trial and error, or a quick Google than I would have done by reading a load of expensive books!

My Best Buys for Baby

top buys

Everybody has their best and worst buys for baby. Reading all of these books and articles online about what is and isn’t recommended is enough to confuse anyone, let alone a heavily pregnant, overtired, and unsure first time mum!

So here is my list of some of the best purchases that I feel we made for our first baby…

  1. Baby Gros/Sleepsuits – This is literally all you need (plus vests) for your baby in those first few months! Seriously, those little outfits may look cute, but you try changing a wriggly baby in and out of one after a poo explosion or projectile vomit!
  2. Play Mat – We got a hand-me-down from a friend, it was as he called it “a cheap and crappy playmat” however my son loves it! I’m so glad that we didn’t fork out a load of money like so many of my friends have, but at the same time, don’t know where I’d be without this!
  3. Baby Carrier – We have an ergobaby 360 carrier and love it! We’ve been using it since my son was about 4wks I think? It was basically from when he was the minimum weight recommended… Both my husband and I use the carrier, and both find it very comfortable to wear! It’s a life-saver for walks – particularly along the beach or in the woods where the pram just wouldn’t cope! Also visits to the zoo which are rather hilly for a heavy pram, and trips to the shops when you need your hands free!
  4. Grobags (sleeping bags) – I only wish we could have used these right away! Chase was quite small at first, so well under the recommended weight for grobags. So the first few weeks we had to get by with tucking him in with blankets… Luckily it was a warm summer when he was born, as he just would not keep a blanket on! As soon as you put it on, no matter how tucked in he was, he’d get it off within about 10mins! The first night we put him into a grobag he slept right through, and has done every night since! I’ve just invested in some more in the next size up ready!
  5. Baby Thermometer – We spent quite a bit of money on a Braun Thermoscan Thermometer… And I must admit it was worth every penny! My husband was a bit dubious about the money spent on the gizmo, as I really wanted the one which changed colour depending on the temperature reading to be green/amber/red, you can also input the age of the baby so it would give you a colour based on the recommended temperature range for your aged baby. We’ve used it more times than I’d like already, so it’s definitely money well spent!
  6. Dummies – A bit controversial I know, but I don’t know what we’d do without them! We use the MAM soothers, and Chase will instantly go down at bedtime when he’s given his!
  7. Room Thermometer – Another thing alot of people would probably find unnecessary, but we really like ours. We purchased a groegg thermometer, which also doubles up as a nightlight… It’s great as a quick reference to see which grobagg to use and how many layers to put little man in!
  8. Baby Bouncer – Daytime play, snoozes and sitting around watching Baby TV! We purchased a Chicco Hoopla bouncer – doesn’t have any fancy vibrating or music, but he loves it all the same!
  9. Muslins – Everyone said to me to ensure to have lots of these to hand, and I’m so glad I listened! We have about 20, and yet I still seem to struggle to find a clean one when needed!

Next up, my worst baby buys, so please keep reading!