Maisie’s Home!

Picked up our new Birman kitten Maisie on Thursday night, she’s a little sweet-heart, loves cuddles and purrs like a trooper! She’s a Lilac Tortie Point, and currently has some lilacy-silver and red patches all over her, so think she’ll have some really pretty markings as she grows up! 🙂

Unfortunately she’s not been accepted just yet by our 2y/o Birman Millie, but we’re keeping our hopes up as it’s still very early days…

Maisie1 Maisie2 Maisie3


Kicking them out of bed…


My kitten has a frustrating habit that every morning right when I’m about to get up for work she comes and curls up on me and falls asleep in a way that means I have to disturb her to get up… It also means I feel terribly guilty about disturbing her, so I end up running late by leaving her stay comfy for as long as possible… Today is no exception… I need to be at work in 30 mins and she is currently sound asleep and snoring on top of me… Now to shove her off resulting in grumpy kitty…

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Poppy – Forever in our Hearts

I just wanted to post a little note about my little girl Poppy who sadly passed away this April shortly after her 14th Birthday.

She was a chocolate tabby-point Birman, and a wonderfully caring, loving and affectionate character, who loved nothing more than to cuddle up to us at anytime she could. She’d always seem to know when I was upset, and would try and get as close to me as possible with her lovely distinctive purr, which paired with her beautiful big eyes which she’d lock onto you, your worries always seemed to melt away… She’d spend every evening curled up on the sofa with us, before coming up to bed and cuddling up either on our pillow or under the duvet with us when she was cold.

She was a much loved member of our family, and will be terribly missed.

Forever in our Hearts, Poppy x