My Denby Jet Bargain Buy


Today I received my delivery of my new Denby dinner set. This purchase was my bargain of the year to date, and made me glad I waited at Christmas.

We’d seen the set we wanted in House of Fraiser’s before Christmas – Denby sets are usually about £250 RRP But you can generally get a 16-piece set for around £130 at different times of the year if your happy to wait. I didn’t want to risk waiting till we actually moved in before buying the set as I was worried it would be just my luck they wouldn’t be on offer when we came to moving, so was starting to think that ‘Spring’ would be the next closet time before we moved that an offer would come on… It was for this reason that I had started doing a daily search on the ‘usual’ sites such as HoF, Debenhams and Denby Direct for any offers on my selected range.

At first I managed to find a deal for £120 for a 16-piece set which I didn’t think was too bad, but the deal seemed to be a long-standing offer so thought I might as well wait until payday – as you do…

The next morning however I noticed that Denby’s outlet store was selling 4-piece versions of the set for £10.75 each! I thought this must be a mistake as the side plate alone to buy singly was £12 and I’d never seen single place-setting sets before… (though come to think of it, it would make sense for buying additional place-settings over the normal 4). I even got my mother to check the page to make sure it wasn’t just a plate! But sure enough it seemed right! Set comprising of 1X Tea Plate, 1X Dinner Plate, 1X Bowl and 1X Mug for £10.75! I thought about waiting for my husband to get home to see what he thought, but then decided sod it, ill just get them as we were definitely buying them either way!

I’d always wanted to work my way up to having 8-place settings worth of crockery, but at this price I thought I might as well buy it all now seeing as its still costing me less than one full set would normally… £86 later I seemingly had two 16-piece dinner sets direct from Denby… I thought it seemed too good to be true considering to buy the one set was still £120 online!
Well anyways, less than 24hrs later I noticed the listing had been removed from the site, and a new one for 3X the price had gone up! I panicked thinking they had obviously made a mistake and realized said mistake, and were not going to honour my order, I darent ring them in case they call me on it, but they had taken payment already, so I thought I’d wait and see what happened…

Well 3days later I have today received my delivery, all 8 boxes worth, and am extremely happy! Can’t believe what a bargain I managed to get there and just proves that both patience and decisiveness does pay off, as otherwise I would only have one 16-piece set right now for almost double what I paid for two!
Definitely a #100happydays moment and can’t wait to start using these in our new house! 🙂


Decorating With The Bahamas…


So recently I’ve been doing lots of research on decorating ideas for our new house…

I’ve started swaying towards the idea of a Blue/Green & Brown themed living room, with a wallpaper feature wall (in brown-blue/green) and then a coordinating colour on the other walls.

Whilst looking at colour options I started to think about how I could decorate the room with matching colours; I really wanted to be able to showcase as much “US” into our new home as possible, without lots of store-bought pieces, but didn’t know how to go about it… It was then that I found an image online which had a blue-brown living room, with a massive picture of a beautiful beach on the wall… This really reminded me of our time in the Bahamas for our honeymoon, and got me thinking… I took some lovely photos whilst we were there, so why can’t I use one or two of those?

Having trailed through my images, I’ve come up with these three as some of my favourite… I’m thinking of either doing one very large print, or else maybe a combination of two or three in slightly smaller frames to stretch out across the wall… I know the prints will probably cost more than buying something in my local store, but this feels so much more personal, and I can honestly say when people ask “Yes, I personally took those photos on my vacation…” not just “Oh yes, it’s a lovely beach… In my dreams!”

I’m still not sure on which will be the final images, but once we’re in and I’ve decided, I’ll get them printed up and some photos up on here… I also have some stunning images from when we took a hot air balloon over Florida, here are two of my favourites, but I’m not sure on using these as A. it’s a different location, and B. the orange/yellow in the balloon throws too many additional colours into my room plan…

Florida Images