About Me


So first of all, about me. I’m Tina, 28 years old and live in Essex with my husband David, our baby boy Chase and our two Birman cats Millie & Maisie.

My dayjob is Product Support for the Technology department of a global organisation – I basically assist on various company product (system) items, and do analytics… In my spare time I’m a volunteer for St. John Ambulance, I build databases and websites for entertainment, and up until a few years ago I was doing fashion & glamour modelling, and co-running a car enthusiast site… The latter two I gave up when started concentrating more on my career and volunteer work, but Motorsports are still a keen interest in mine, and one of these days I will get back in shape enough to do another shoot or too…

I love to be working, in any capacity, and feel out of place sitting around twiddling my thumbs!

I used to be a real exercise freak, as in I’d work out twice a day everyday of the week and eat super healthily – That was until I had an accident a few years ago which left me unable to exercise for a year, and then I was only allowed to do a little at a time, nothing to strenuous etc. That and the first couple of months I was reliant on others to cook and look after me, so my diet and exercise regime went to pot, and ever since I’ve struggled to get back on track to how I used to be… It seems that “once you go lazy-cat, you’ll never go back” … I will keep trying though!

So I think that will do for an initial outlook about me, now to try to think of something interesting to say!

Bye for now! x


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