Decorating With The Bahamas…


So recently I’ve been doing lots of research on decorating ideas for our new house…

I’ve started swaying towards the idea of a Blue/Green & Brown themed living room, with a wallpaper feature wall (in brown-blue/green) and then a coordinating colour on the other walls.

Whilst looking at colour options I started to think about how I could decorate the room with matching colours; I really wanted to be able to showcase as much “US” into our new home as possible, without lots of store-bought pieces, but didn’t know how to go about it… It was then that I found an image online which had a blue-brown living room, with a massive picture of a beautiful beach on the wall… This really reminded me of our time in the Bahamas for our honeymoon, and got me thinking… I took some lovely photos whilst we were there, so why can’t I use one or two of those?

Having trailed through my images, I’ve come up with these three as some of my favourite… I’m thinking of either doing one very large print, or else maybe a combination of two or three in slightly smaller frames to stretch out across the wall… I know the prints will probably cost more than buying something in my local store, but this feels so much more personal, and I can honestly say when people ask “Yes, I personally took those photos on my vacation…” not just “Oh yes, it’s a lovely beach… In my dreams!”

I’m still not sure on which will be the final images, but once we’re in and I’ve decided, I’ll get them printed up and some photos up on here… I also have some stunning images from when we took a hot air balloon over Florida, here are two of my favourites, but I’m not sure on using these as A. it’s a different location, and B. the orange/yellow in the balloon throws too many additional colours into my room plan…

Florida Images


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