Long Time No Speak…

OK, so I admit it, I’ve kinda forgotten about my blog for a while!!
But I’ve had soo much going on, and I know you’ll probably say “well that’s the perfect excuse to get blogging” but I just haven’t been feeling it recently… So now, my aim is to start anew, new year (kinda late I know) and all that…

So what’s happened since my last post in JULY 2013? (I know, the shame!) Well quite a bit actually! Here’s just a few of my top/most iconic moments over the past six months…

> I changed job, twice! First I was put onto a 6m pilot program last August to assist getting it up and running etc. Then once this had finished, I was offered a new role within the Solutions Department at my company’s Head Office in Colchester! This started as of January this year, so I’m still getting my bearings – But I’m excited for the challenge!

> We reserved a house… Yep that’s right! After much deliberation, calculating and visiting various developments, we decided to buy a new build property in Colchester near my new office. It’s a bit of a journey for hubby to get to work, but doable with either car or public transport… We decided on a 3-bed detached house just on the outskirts of the town, and as it was purchased off-plan (I know – Scary times!) we’re just waiting for it to be finished building before we can move in – Hopefully this will be around May this year… We actually exchanged a few weeks ago, so it’s moving forward!

> I had my second wedding anniversary! Can’t believe over two years have passed since that day!

> I had another birthday – as did hubby! Eek!

> We had Christmas… Not much to say there really, Christmas is Christmas and mostly uneventful in my opinion…

> We moved out of Writtle and back to Clacton to live with my parents whilst our house is being finished… At first I admit I was dreading it, but a month has gone by already, and it’s not been so bad – Yet *touch wood*. We’re hoping to use this time to save as many pennies as possible to decorate our new home as soon as we move in

> Saw Maroon 5 at the O2 – Which was as amazing as it sounds! They are excellent entertainers, and really put on an amazing show! I’m looking forward to sifting through the pictures which I haven’t yet had a chance to do!!

I think that’s it for the big items… I’ll try and keep up a bit more so that there isn’t too many gaps next time!

Bye for now!


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