Start of a new era…

So this is my first ever blog, and it’s first ever post… Not really sure how to start these, so thought I’d start with something easy and go from there…

So today is Sunday, it’s the second weekend in June 2013, and it’s about 7pm as I’ve started writing this. I’ve had a PJ day, and my husband is watching the recaps of the F1 in the background. Now I know this may seem lazy that I’m still in my PJ’s but my point is that A. It’s a Sunday – So I’m having a PJ Day, B. We had a late night at a friends surprise birthday party, so I’m just having a lazy day recouping from that, and C. I’ve been off of work most of the past week not feeling great, and so don’t want to tempt fate by doing too much today and ending up making myself ill again for tomorrow…

Recently, my husband and I have been trying to save for a house, we rent at the moment, which is great for the size and luxury of the house that we have, but I always think to myself “what a waste” that all this money is going into some bigwigs pocket every month…

I like writing reviews about things, namely places I’ve been to, locations, restaurants, bars etc. etc. It somewhat satisfies my cravings for wanting to see the world, and try new things, including taste-testing of various foods! I also love cooking, and recently I’ve started to join the “baking” trend, I’m no way near a mumsy-baker, some of the things those women create are out of this world, and I can only hope to one day get near to what they create! But I do like to think of myself as a good cook in general… So I’ll try to keep an update on here of my latest creations so keep people entertained!

I’ve got quite a number of things I’m working on atm, projects, new experiences etc. so I’ll hopefully have a few different things to blog about as time goes on…

So I think that will do for an initial post, now to consider the options for my next one…

Bye for now! x


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